How to start playing tennis

Tennis is a very popular and exciting sport. It helps you improve your general fitness and at the same time giving you hours of enjoyment. One can play tennis alone, with an opponent or also in doubles. Tennis professional players you normally watch on live television makes playing this game looks very easy. this is so simply because they play full-time tennis and the fact that they have the chance to practice each day.

Currently, there are several international tennis tournaments that attract the world’s attention and these include the Australian Open in Australia, New York Open in the USA, ASB Classic in New Zealand, Cordoba Open in Argentina among others. The live tennis scores at any given moment during these and tournaments will be made available by several entities including the BBC Sport, the sport24 and other reliable sites.

Before picking up this sport, you need to be mentally prepared for it otherwise you may end up giving up. The following are some of the tips to get started with this sport:

1. Learn the basic rules and terminology

Just like in any other game, terms and rules applied really determine your performance both during training and in the field. The terms used in this sport are relatively and therefore easy to master. They include Ace, Advantage, Ad-Court, Approach Shot, Backspin, Break, Break Point, Cross-Court, Deep, Deuce, Deuce-Court, Double Bagel, Double Fault, Doubles, Down the Line, Error, Foot Fault, Forced Error and Groundstroke. The tennis rules are very simple to learn and this means you will take a short time study and comprehend them.

2. Find a court

Get a good one where you can comfortably practice. Ensure that it has well-maintained surfaces to avoid injuries. It should also have nets beside the storage points to keep personal items. Take about minutes to stretch your muscles after and before your tennis session in order to prevent muscle cramping as you play.

3. Get the right attire

Always ensure that the clothing you put on for practice does not affect your comfort during the play. Comfortable clothing ensures that you fully concentrate on the game. Inappropriate and Uncomfortable clothing will make you distracted rather than make full focused on the game.

4. Hire a trainer

As a beginner in this sport, you need a professional trainer to help you from being a fresher to a professional player ready for competitions. Coaching here is very important because it will help you develop and fine-tune your playing skills and finally make you an expert. Make sure you get a qualified trainer and one that you will be able to meet the cost for his/her training services.


Tennis is very easy to learn as you have seen. What you need to get started is to learn the basic rules and terms, find a court, get the right attire and hire a trainer. With these plus your commitment and dedication to this game, you will definitely grow to become a champion. This game is good for general fitness and cardiovascular workout. Begin your journey now!

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Why Learning Tennis is Important

Tennis is considered to be among the most famous sports in the world. People play this sport for competitive and recreational purpose. This racquet-and- ball sport comes with several benefits good for all of us. They include the following:

1. It is a form of exercise

Playing tennis gives one some cardio work-out therefor making it form of exercise. This sport involves stretching, sprinting, running, grace and power. Not only does it require physical-agility but mental prowess also.

2. It stimulates the mind

If you critically look at tennis, you will realize that it requires more mental alertness and mental toughness than what many people think. Coordinating time and shots to score for sure requires some mental toughness. Your mind needs to be agile and nimble to decern quickly the proper shot to make for you to win the point. This makes ones mind always stimulated.

3. It improves your self-esteem and social network

Human beings are social beings and therefore we will always feel good when amongst people. Involving yourself in tennis gives you an opportunity to interact and mingle with people in an engaging and fun environment. It helps you enter already organised social groups and this will build your personality up. Having said that, being able to play well sometimes help to raise your sense of self-belief and satisfaction.

4. It is good for young kids

Have your children try tennis at a tender age because it will help them build up mentally and physically. It will also open up opportunities such as scholarships to universities for them. Tennis will toughen up their minds and make them fitter and stronger physically. This will make them very productive people when they grow up.

5. Learning tennis make you a coach

There are many people out there who make a living for coaching tennis. Commonly, retired competitive tennis players choose to become tennis coaches. Some even decide so after an injury that no longer allows them to play. Coaching is financially rewarding but more importantly, it satisfies you emotionally when you see trainees become people of stature out there.

6. It can be a business

There are several business aspects associated with tennis, apart from coaching. You can come up with a sports shop for selling tennis equipment and gear. Additionally, you can sell tennis bags, tennis shoes, tennis rackets and several other tennis related products. Also, can come up with a tennis club and charge a membership fee. You can as well consider organizing tours to some tennis tournaments globally. With all these business ventures, you will earn some good income but at the same time advance the spirit of the tennis sport


Learning tennis is very beneficial as you have noted. It is associated with several advantages that you need not ignore. What you require is the right training and equipment in order to get started and grow in this sport. Tennis It improves your self-esteem and social network, stimulates the mind, gives you some cardio work-out and also a source of income. Practise it today.


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