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Annual Tournament 2015 - Sat 18th July

The Club Championship / Annual Tournament is back on Sat 18th July and it´s bigger and better than before!

Full details went up in Clubhouse last week so get your name down now for singles, doubles or mixed. Partner required? There´s a section for you too.

Added: 18th March 2015.   Author: webmaster@hazlemeretennis.net

Membership 2015/16

If you have yet to do your membership please can I recommend that you complete our online membership form?  It is quick and easy to do and available from the website  . You then print it and send it off to me with your cheque please.

It is important that you complete the DOB section for monitoring purposes . This allows us to monitor age profiles of the club and act accordingly with promotions and sessions so that we continue to get a good balance in our membership. It also allows me to apply for membership to British Tennis for any new members. I promise you that it goes nowhere else !

As Easter holidays start at end March this year and we appreciate some of our members, particularly juniors, may be on holiday we will accept early payment discounts up to and including Friday 10th April 2015.

Look forward to seeing you on court soon

Best wishes

Sue Rozelaar
Membership Secretary

Attachments: Application_Membership_Form_Info_2015-16.pdf

Added: 18th March 2015.   Author: membershipsecretary@hazlemeretennis.net

Cardio Tennis and Rusty Racquets

Due to Easter falling in a couple of weeks, we will start Cardio tennis on the 13th April and Rusty racquets on the 16th April. 

Cardio - 7pm-8pm, cost £4 members and £6 non members
Rusty - 7pm -8pm, 6 weeks cost £36. 

Added: 12th March 2015.   Author: guy.britton@hazlemeretennis.net

Clubhouse keys found

The clubhouse keys have now been found (behind a chair in the clubhouse). Please ensure after opening up the keys are left in the door or the keysafe.

A mens Casio watch has also been found, in the car park on Sunday morning (contact Gordon on 716079).

Added: 10th March 2015.   Author: gordon.reed@hazlemeretennis.net

2015-2016 Membership

Dear member, 

Further to my earlier email, I now attach the application forms for the coming year. You have a little over three weeks to get your form and subs to Sue to get the discount. 

Also attached is the "recommend a friend" form which could entitle you to qualify for even cheaper tennis next year or some valuable "Luv Tennis" vouchers this year.

On the evidence of the last few days, we could be in for some beautiful spring weather and the promise of a great summer for tennis!

See you on the courts soon.

Andy Carter

Attachments: Membership_Info_2015-2016.docx

Added: 7th March 2015.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Clubhouse Keys missing

The keys to the clubhouse have gone missing again & it seems that the cupboard was left unlocked overnight.

Please search through your tennis bag etc as it probably went missing yesterday afternoon (Friday). 
If the keys are not there when you leave the club please let me (07721 828884), Andy Carter or another committee member know straightaway.

Added: 7th March 2015.   Author: gordon.reed@hazlemeretennis.net

Membership Subscriptions - act now for best price

Dear member,

This is just to remind you that the subscriptions for the 2015-16 season are due from the 1 April. To qualify for the really significant discount, you will need either to download the application form from the website (from Saturday 7th March), or pick up a form from the clubhouse - and return it to Sue Rozelaar (with your cheque) by the end of March. This year, we have made the website version of the application form really whizzy - with all sorts of formulas and macros whirring away on the background - so that the subs due figure actually calculates itself - hopefully!

Whilst talking about discounts, we are also running a "recommend a friend" initiative where, if you persuade your adult friend or neighbour to join the club you will receive either a voucher from "Luv Tennis" - for coaching/court hire or merchandise - or a further discount off your subs for the 2016-17 season. The discounts (up to a max of 60% or £60) would be:
- for each full adult 20% or £20 "Luv Tennis" voucher
- for each midweek member 10% or £10 "Luv Tennis" voucher

There will be a downloadable form on the website (again from Saturday 7th) which you and the new member will have to sign and return to Sue, but that apart, it should be straightforward.

Just one last thing - if you are not a member of British Tennis and would like to be, we could do the actual joining for you but, if you want us to do that, you will need to put your date of birth on the application form.

Looking forward to getting out and seeing you on the courts again soon.

Andy Carter

Added: 3rd March 2015.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Junior Coaching Today (Friday 6th Feb)

Unfortunately the Junior Coaching with Nick will have to be cancelled this evening, due to ice at the back of the floodlit courts.

Vicki Widdowson

Added: 6th February 2015.   Author: vicki.widdowson@hazlemeretennis.net

Snow & frost on the courts

Please note that if the courts are covered in snow or slush they should not be cleared with brushes or snow shovels as this results in the sand dressing being moved as well, which then has to be redistributed back onto the playing surface. When the snow/slush has melted there may be areas with puddles, which is because the court underneath is still frozen & the water can´t drain through. These puddled areas should not be brushed for the same reason as above. 

If there is frost on the courts this can usually be removed or its effect lessened by dragging the court with the red dragmats, unless the court is frozen hard.

(If you have any queries, please contact Gordon on 01494 716079)

Added: 5th February 2015.   Author: gordon.reed@hazlemeretennis.net

HW and Hazlemere Tennis League

The next round of the High Wycombe and Hazlemere Tennis League is now open and looking for players who want to have some competitive fun. Open to men and women (aged 18+) of all standards, everyone is welcome. 

Players are graded into groups, and arrange their own matches at a mutually convenient time. Any court that suits both players can be used, including clubs where appropriate. It´s a great way to meet different people and to keep improving. 

Next chance to play: Thursday 19th February 2015 to Wednesday 15th April 2015.

For full detail see attached poster or visit http://localtennisleagues.com/wycombe

Added: 2nd February 2015.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

REMINDER - Wimbledon Draw 2015 Opt-in

Dear all,

The end of January is looming fast and currently only approx. 40% of eligible Hazlemere Tennis Club members have opted in to the Wimbledon ballot.

Below is a copy of the message sent by the Chairman, Andy Carter, on the 15th January together with attached instructions.

Please act soon before its too late.



On 15/01/15 21:05, Andrew Carter wrote:

Dear all,

Just to remind you that you have until the end of January to proactively Opt-in to the Wimbledon draw in order to be eligible for this year´s tickets. Our allocation is based on the number of members who have opted in so, to increase the chances of those who want tickets actually getting them, please do so even if you yourself are not interested in entering the draw.

If you haven´t already done it, go to the British Tennis website and make sure you are affiliated to Hazlemere LTC and complete the opt-in process. The attached should help is you´re unsure what to do.

All the best

Andy Carter

Added: 27th January 2015.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Wimbledon Draw 2015 Opt-in Reminder

Dear all,

Just to remind you that you have until the end of January to proactively Opt-in to the Wimbledon draw in order to be eligible for this year´s tickets. Our allocation is based on the number of members who have opted in so, to increase the chances of those who want tickets actually getting them, please do so even if you yourself are not interested in entering the draw.

If you haven´t already done it, go to the British Tennis website and make sure you are affiliated to Hazlemere LTC and complete the opt-in process. The attached should help is you´re unsure what to do.

All the best

Andy Carter

Added: 15th January 2015.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net


Dear member,

As you know we have just had our AGM and there are a few matters which came from it of which you should be aware.

Junior Organiser - Paul and Vicki Widdowson are standing down from the Junior Organiser role after undertaking the work brilliantly for the last five years. Although we are very grateful that several of the parents (who aren´t members) have agreed to continue to help out with the junior teams and the coaching, no member has come forward to take over the coordination role. If we are to maintain this legacy and to continue to offer the wonderful introduction to tennis at Hazlemere, we do need to fill the vacancy. So, if you think you may be in a position to help, but need a bit more info before finally deciding, please let us know. We´ll give you every support.

Subscriptions for 2015 - We have managed to keep the subscriptions the same as last year but there is one significant difference and that is that the discount will only apply to "early" payment - ie before the end of March 2015 - rather than prompt payment. So get your cheques to David as soon as you like in the Spring - we won´t cash it until the beginning of April - promise!

HSA - As you know, your membership to the tennis club includes membership of the Hazlemere Sports Association (HSA). Circumstances have meant that the HSA is (hopefully, temporarily) having to operate from the Hazlemere Community Centre (HCC) in Rose Avenue instead of the Ken Williams Memorial Pavilion. Your tennis club membership can now include free membership of HCC until Sept 2015 for any member who would like it - so if you´d like to avail yourself of this, please enter your name on the list in the clubhouse or email Andy Carter (bosslanecarter@yahoo.co.uk) to confirm.   

Lost Property - There is an enormous amount of (really nice) lost property (which appears to be growing daily) in the gents´ changing room - including some racquets. We really need to clear it out so if you think some of it may be yours, come up and claim it in the next few weeks please - anything left by the end of the school Christmas Hols will be thrown away, taken to a charity shop or used to supplement my car maintenance rag-bag!

Clubhouse Tidiness:
Storage of tennis balls - We have now introduced ball racks for social tennis balls. Please take the balls from there and return them to the rack after your game. Any balls which are no longer usable can be placed in the box provided - help yourself to any balls from this box for home use or as a dog toy.
Sand in the clubhouse - to minimise wear and tear on our hoover - please do all you can to clear the clay from your shoes after leaving the courts and before entering the clubhouse.
Store Room - If you have cause to get anything from the store room - ball machine, score posts, refreshment boxes etc - please make sure you put back tidily. 
New Silver Rubbish bin / Black Recycling bin - Please use the black recycling bin for all your drinks containers/plastic bottles and ball tubes. Please take as much of your litter away with you but use the new silver rubbish bin for anything you can´t transport.

Wimbledon Draw - You should have recently had an email from British Tennis about the Wimbledon Draw in the future but, in case you have inadvertently deleted it, please note that, from next year, you have to be a member of British Tennis, affiliated to Hazlemere Tennis Club and have proactively "opted-in" to the ballot in order to be considered for tickets. This affects not just your eligibility but also the club allocation. It´s quite straightforward but it does mean you have to go on line to the British Tennis website before the end of next year. If you haven´t had an email yet, it might be worth checking the LTA have your correct email address.

Many thanks for sticking with it and wading through all that - apologies for the length and rambling nature of the text!

See you on the courts soon!

Andy Carter
Chairman and Secretary. HTC

Added: 8th December 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

O´50´s Christmas Lunch

The O´50´s Christmas Lunch will be held on the 17th December 12:00 for 12:30 in the Tennis Clubhouse.
The Lunch will be in the form of a finger buffet, so could the Ladies please supply the food and the men. supply the drinks.
If you haven´t seen the list or been missed by us, and would like to attend, please contact Liz Wyatt,(01494471506), or Chris Bruce,(01494716903).
Two more points if it is raining and there is no tennis, just turn up at 12:00 suitably loaded, and enjoy the company!  
Finally please bring a raffle prize.

Liz and Chris

Added: 30th November 2014.   Author: webmaster@hazlemeretennis.net

Christmas Fun Tournament 2014

Christmas Fun Tournament

(Dress accordingly!)

Sunday 14th December
11:00 to 15:30 (approx)

Mulled wine, sandwiches and mince pies

Cost:  £4

Prizes for winners and best dressed.

Added: 29th November 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

High Wycombe and Hazlemere Tennis League

If you would like to hone your singles game, the High Wycombe and Hazlemere Tennis League is an easy way to have some competitive fun. Open to men and women (aged 18+) of all standards, everyone is welcome. Players are graded into groups, and arrange their own matches at a mutually convenient time. Any court that suits both players can be used, including clubs where appropriate. It´s a great way to meet different people and to keep improving. Next chance to play: Thursday 20 November 2014 to Wednesday 28 January, 2015.

Entry £15 at http://localtennisleagues.com/wycombe/joinnow by Monday 17 November.

For more details, ring Sally or Nigel on 0750 328 1732, email wycombetennisleague@gmail.com or see http://localtennisleagues.com/wycombe

Added: 7th November 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Annual General Meeting 2014

Dear member,

This is to inform you that the Tennis Club AGM will be held in the Ken Williams Memorial Pavilion on Thursday 20 November 2014 at 7:30 for 8pm.

See notices in the Clubhouse for further information (and plea for volunteers to serve on the Committee).

Many thanks

Andy Carter
Hon Sec

Added: 3rd November 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Showcourt Productions - HANCOCK’S HALF HOUR

Showcourt Productions


By Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
The Radio Ham
The Reunion
The Blood Donor 

Holmer Green Village Centre 
The Common , Holmer Green 

Thursday 30th October
Friday 31st October
Saturday 1st Nov

Box Office: 01494 438495 
Ticket Prices: £15.00 
Including Fish and Chips supper and a Licensed Bar
Doors Open 7pm.
Seats unreserved

Added: 16th October 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Rusty Racquets

Rusty Racquets starts again on Thursday 23rd October and it will be just £30 for 5 weeks (£32.50 for non-members). To book, please email Guy - guy.britton@hazlemeretennis.net

Added: 16th October 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Autumn & Winter Court Maintenance

Inevitably leaves are falling thick & fast on the courts, so this is just a short reminder of how to best deal with them through the Autumn & Winter. When dragging the courts, if they have leaves on it is best to use the green plastic drag mats (there are 2), then deposit the leaves in the buckets. There are 8 drag mats, they should be left at the rear of the courts, 1 between each court, flat on the ground to avoid damage. 

Added: 3rd October 2014.   Author: gordon.reed@hazlemeretennis.net

Cardio Tennis - Monday 22nd September

Please be aware that the Cardio Tennis session this Monday (22nd) is cancelled and will return to business as usual on Monday 29th.

Added: 19th September 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Junior Organisers standing down

Hi all, you may know that Vicki and I plan to stand down as Junior Organisers at the end of this year. It has been a pleasure to carry out the role, to see all of the juniors developing over the years, but now our children are playing in the later Saturday sessions and we won’t need to be at the courts for 9.00am, and, after five years, it’s time to give someone else the opportunity to take over.
If you would like to take on the role please can you email our club Chairman, Stephen Hollings (stephenhollings@yahoo.com) – he’d be delighted to hear from you.
Alternatively, there are a number of smaller roles to assist the Junior Organiser that you might like to do:
1. Set up the courts for the juniors on Saturday mornings, take the register and keep track of membership (issuing membership forms and liaising with the club Membership Secretary)
2. Help with tennis supervision for the under 8’s on a Saturday (9.00 to 10.00am during term times)
3. Help with organizing junior captains selection and teams (matches take place between April and June and, once you’ve arranged captains, they will then handle organizing the junior matches – there is a great junior league structure in Bucks that supports clubs very well)
4. Organise/hold junior committee meetings (about 5 a year) with Guy, Nick and other committee members.
No coaching experience is required for any of the above, but some tennis experience would be beneficial. We will, of course, be glad to help you as you take on the role, and advice is always available from our coach Guy Britton.
During September and October it will be beneficial to shadow us so that you will be familiar with everything for next year.
Please contact us if you’d like more details. We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Widdowson

Added: 4th September 2014.   Author: vicki.widdowson@hazlemeretennis.net

Last week´s Golf Day

Dear all who attended the golf day last week,

Hope you all had a good time at Whiteleaf and were impressed by my organisational skills, particularly with regard to the weather which was fine/dry from half an hour before we started till half an hour after we´d finished!

Well done to all and congratulations to the winners:

Texas Scramble - Scores ranged from 34 to 39 - so very close. Lowest score was shared by three teams - Liz Keens, Jenny McFee, Chris Walker and Andrew Radford; Ady Bowen, Karen Bowen and Ben Credland; Graham Gifkins, Streve Ashford and Anita Reed. I hadn´t really catered for this eventuality so the prize turned out to be a bit meagre -- all won a personalised golf ball!
Individual Stableford - Ladies winner (ocb) Anthea (18); 2nd Liz (18); 3rd Karen (ocb) (17) and 4th Mags (17). Jenny got the same score as Karen and Mags but unfortunately lost on count-back.
Mens winner Graham Gifkins (21); 2nd Dave Powell (ocb) (20) and 3rd Paul Carter (20).
Nearest the pin: Men Chris Walker; Ladies no winner. This enabled me to give a "competitor of the day" award to Iris (she´ll tell you why!)

See you next year?

By the way, gents, did you go off with the wrong pair of golf shoes - we´ve got a very nice pair of footjoys which aren´t ours and we´ve not got a pair of not quite so nice (but a bit bigger) footjoys! Please check and let me know if you´ve got the wrong ones.

Many thanks

Andy Carter
Golf Day Organiser Extraordinaire

Added: 4th September 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

CANCELLED - Walk, Rest and Play

Unfortunately, due to the weather forecast and weather warnings issued for tomorrow, the Walk, Rest and Play has been cancelled.

However, if the weather does hold out, we still be doing the walk, meeting at 10:15 at Penn & Tylers Green back common (near the village hall) for a 10:30 departure, with a pub lunch at the end. 

Added: 24th August 2014.   Author: webmaster@hazlemeretennis.net

Cricketers Needed

Hazlemere is in need of a couple of cricketers this Saturday for a match against Penn, if you are interested in playing please contact Russell Thomas direct on 07787426424.

Added: 21st August 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

HTC Annual Golf Day at Whiteleaf, 28th August

Cost £28.50pp (food only, £12). Pay on the day - Cash or Cheques (for £27) made out to Whiteleaf GC, balance £1.50 to me

We´ve had a really good response and have 38 people playing this year.

Timetable ......

Coffee and Bacon rolls from 8.30, first tee-off 9am. 

Ist nine holes - Team event - Texas Scramble
2nd nine holes - Individual stableford, nearest the pin and nearest the pin in two competitions.

Rolling lunch (lasagne) from 1.30pm. Prizes to follow but there´s no need to hang on if you´re in a hurry!

Teams as follows.

1st group - Iris Layman; Anthea Hickman; Paul Carter; Stephen Carter
next group - Liz Keens; Chris Walker; Andrew Radford 
next group - Andy Barr; Doug Blacklaws; Brian Clark; Sylvia Clark
next group - Laurence Clark; Chris Bruce; Debbie Quigley; Lesley Perrin
next group - Norman Wilson; Peter Hill; Arthur Walker; Mags Bruce
next group - Graham Gifkins; Steve Ashford; Anita Reed
nextgroup - Dave Powell; Gordon Reed; Laura Carter; Jenny McFee
next group - Eric Mcfee; Richard Spragg; Paul Winsom; Penny Walker
next group - Ben Credland; Adrian Bowen; Karen Bowen; Claire Baldock
last group - Chris Ford; Andy Carter; Liz Wyatt; Carolyn Dowle.

Here´s hoping for good weather! Let me know your handicap on the day.

See you there.

Andy Carter

Added: 16th August 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Junior Summer Camp 2014

All standards welcome.

The following sessions will be running Tuesday 26th August to Friday 29th August:
1 to 2pm for 4 -7 years old (£5 per session or £17.50 for the week)
2 to 5pm for 8 years and older (£15 per session or £52.50 for the week)

For more details or to book please download the flier from here or contact Nick Wood on 07841 018855

Added: 25th July 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Finals Day 2014 - Official Photos

The photos from Finals Day are now available to view and download from Emma Hollings web page (link below) using the password HTC.

I think you´ll agree that she has captured the atmosphere of the competition fantastically as well as well some great unguarded moments and family groups. Thank you Emma.

A lower resolution version of the images will shortly be made available via the Gallery section of the club´s web page as well as on Facebook (get tagging).

If you have any pictures, past or present, that you would like to share with the membership please drop me an email steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net.

Kind regards

Added: 16th July 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Walk Rest and Play - Bank Holiday Monday August 25

Come and enjoy a walk, rest and play with us on Bank Holiday Monday August 25th.

Meeting at Penn and Tylers Green Back Common (near the village hall), we will go on a 4 mile walk, before enjoying a picnic or lunch at one of the local pubs, and finishing the day with a game of rounders or cricket.
Families welcome.
Sign up in the clubhouse or by contacting Lesley Perrins (lesleyperrins@hotmail.co.uk, 01494 865000 or 07794 325263)

Attachment: Lellys_walk.pdf

Added: 15th July 2014.   Author: webmaster@hazlemeretennis.net

Golf Day, Thursday 28th Aug at Whiteleaf Golf Club

Hazlemere Tennis Club Golf Day - Thursday 28 August at Whiteleaf Golf Club.

I have taken the list down from the clubhouse now, but it is not too late if you would like to join us for this annual golf fest. 

If you want to play but, for whatever reason, have delayed in putting your name down - or have a friend who is not a tennis club member you would like to invite, please contact me at andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net as soon as possible with your/their details. 

Also, let me know if you, or your guest(s), would just like to come along for the lunch and prizegiving - it´s Lasagne (or a vegetarian option) and would be sometime after 1.30pm.

Many thanks,

Andy Carter

Added: 15th July 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Win for 12U Boys!

Hazlemere 12U Boys have won their division!!

Congratulations to Ben Cross, Ben Burley and Rahul Bajwa, who played all the games between them and put in some great performances! Hopefully the pennant will arrive safely at the club.

Thanks to everyone who helped them achieve this, it’s a real team effort. Thank you to Guy Britton for all the coaching, to Paul Widdowson for all the organising and support and to the boys´ parents for all the running around and availability.

Added: 13th July 2014.   Author: webmaster@hazlemeretennis.net

Quick Reminder about Court Sweeping

Just a brief note to remind you to lower the nets and drag the courts after you have finished playing. Also, please sweep the lines if you feel they are getting a bit indistinct and (if you´re the last to leave) please ensure the premises are left locked.

Many thanks

Andy Carter
Hon sec

Added: 10th July 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Rusty Racquets returns in September!

Rusty Racquets starts again on Thursday 11th September and it will be just £30 for 5 weeks. To book, please email Guy - info@luvtennis.net

Added: 9th July 2014.   Author: guy.britton@hazlemeretennis.net

Tennis Club Etiquette

Dear members,

With many new members joining the club over recent months, the committee felt it would be appropriate to outline a few points of etiquette which should help maximise our enjoyment of the facility and the game of tennis. The list is not exhaustive .....
  • Don´t enter the courts whilst a rally is in progress on either of the adjacent courts, and ideally wait until the end of a game before entering. When convenient, enter swiftly, closing the gate behind you. Please take particular care during representative or tournament matches.
  • Don´t stray onto an adjacent court in search of, or to retrieve, balls until there is a break in play on that court. If a ball from your court ends up (unnoticed) on a neighbouring court in a dangerous position, call out a verbal warning to the other players.
  • When watching the game, do not converse loudly during play. Appreciate good play (even if it´s by a player from another club). Also, try not to walk behind courts whilst play is in progress
  • Be a good representative of tennis - show consideration and respect to other members and opponents at all times.
  • During social play be prepared to mix in with all members and visitors.
  • Unless others are using the court immediately after you, remember to drag the courts, clean the lines (if necessary) and lower the nets at the end of your session.
  • Ensure you tidy up after yourself in the clubhouse - don´t expect others to wash up your drink mugs etc.
  • Be gracious in victory and noble in defeat. People have long memories and if you get a reputation as a poor sport or a bad loser, it will remain with you long after you mend your ways.
  • Tennis is a wonderful game and should be enjoyed by everyone, whatever their standard of play. Enjoy it, play it as long as you can and make sure you do not spoil it for others. 
Many thanks 

Andy Carter
Hon Sec.

Added: 6th July 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Finals Day - Saturday 12th July 2014

This year the tournament finals will be played on Saturday 12th and the weather forecast is currently positive.

Play will start at 13.00, so can all finalists be at the club by 12.45.

Prize giving will be around 17:30.

Help needed...
This year we will be looking for lots of volunteers to drag the courts between matches. Also if you are willing to umpire please let one of the committee know ASAP.

If anyone would like to bring a cake or sandwiches it would be very welcome and there is a sign-up sheet in the Clubhouse.

Added: 4th July 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Junior Summer Camp 2014

All standards welcome.

The following sessions will be running Tuesday 26th August to Friday 29th August:
1 to 2pm for 4 -7 years old (£5 per session or £17.50 for the week)
2 to 5pm for 8 years and older (£15 per session or £52.50 for the week)

For more details or to book please download the flier from here or contact Nick Wood on 07841 018855

Added: 2nd July 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Great British Tennis Weekend Open Day - Today

If you were all wondering what to do this afternoon, why not pop along to the club and join in with one of the special free sessions that we´ve put on as part of the Great British Tennis Weekend.

There are still a few spaces available either of the following:
14:00 - 15:00 Rusty Racquets
Try our adult coaching taster session. Ideal for people who haven’t picked up a racquet in a long time or maybe want to see if you can keep up with your kids. Hit some balls and have a bit of a laugh. 

15:00 - 16:00 Cardio Tennis
Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable group fitness class set on a tennis court and open to people of all ages and abilities. Supported by motivating music and qualified instructors (Guy), you’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class and have a great cardio workout at the same time.

These sessions are free open to members and non-members, so bring along a friend and have a great afternoon.

Added: 28th June 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Great British Tennis Weekend Open Day

On Saturday 28th June Hazlemere Tennis Club is taking part in the Great British Tennis Weekend by hosting an open day. We have a number of planned events during the day (see below) that will serve to showcase what a great and vibrant club we have and to encourage new members to join. The morning Junior session will be run as normal by the team however, during the afternoon two courts will be specifically put aside for visitors for free play and planned structured sessions.

On the day we do need to make people as welcome as possible while also encouraging them to register their contact details and ultimately completing a membership form.  Your support is much appreciated and a warm welcome to all visitors will make a big difference.

A personal invitation is always a great way of getting new people to join and to help please find attached a printable flyer. Why not invite a friend or a neighbour? 

Programme of events:
09:00 - 10:00 - Ages 5 to 8
10:00 - 11:00 - Ages 9 and under
11:00 - 12:00 - Ages 10 and over
13:00 - 16:00 - Free play
14:00 - 15:00 - Rusty Racquets (adult coaching for people who would like to get back in to the sport)
15:00 - 16:00 - Cardio Tennis (a fun, sociable group fitness class supported by motivational music)

This Great British Tennis Weekend is a LTA nationwide initiative and Hazlemere has benefited from its publicity. For details please visit the GBTW website by clicking here.

Added: 19th June 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Annual Golf Day

HAZLEMERE TENNIS CLUB ANNUAL GOLF DAY will be held on Thursday 28 August at Whiteleaf Golf Club. First tee-off at 9am (approx)

All playing standards are welcome.

Coffee and Bacon Roll on arrival
18 holes of golf comprising 9 holes individual competition and 9 holes team competition.
Lunch (probably Lasagne or a vegetarian option) followed by
Prize giving - for top team, top individual, nearest the pin and nearest the pin in two shots - plus possible two´s competition.
Excellent value at £28.50 per person (pay on the day).
List is up in the clubhouse. Put your name up early as places might be limited and this is a very popular event.

Looking forward to it already!

Andy Carter
Hazlemere Hackers GD.

Added: 11th June 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

New Combination Number (change to previous email)

Further to the previous email regarding the combination number, please note that the last digit has had to be changed to 1 instead of 2.

Added: 8th June 2014.   Author: steve.hollings@hazlemeretennis.net

New Combination Number

Please note that the combination number for the entrance gate & the gate onto the court has been changed to the new number. This is shown on your membership card.

Added: 8th June 2014.   Author: steve.hollings@hazlemeretennis.net

Rusty Racquets update

Rusty Racquets will not be on this week, Thursday 7pm, but the session will be on 5th June. From the 5th it will be £24 for 4 sessions.

Added: 29th May 2014.   Author: guy.britton@hazlemeretennis.net

Rasty Racquets starts on Thurs @ 7pm

Don't forget that the new Rusty Racquets session starts on Thursday at 7pm. All welcome.

Added: 21st May 2014.   Author: guy.britton@hazlemeretennis.net

Air Ambulance Fundraising Raffle

On Friday 18th July we are having a Ladies Open Tennis Day and inviting 16 ladies from other clubs to come along and play on our new courts along with ladies from our club.

As part of the event we are having a fundraising raffle for Air Ambulance.  We are looking for donations of wine or chocolates from our club members so please can you look in your cupboards and donate a bottle or box of chocolates to this worthy cause?

You can give these to Sue, Jenny, Vicki, Mags , Pennyor Iris  any Wednesday morning/evening or Saturday when you are at the club. 

Thanks in advance for supporting Air Ambulance.

Sue Rozelaar

Added: 8th May 2014.   Author: membershipsecretary@hazlemeretennis.net

Wimbledon Winners

Dear all, 

The draw for the Wimbledon Tickets has been done and the tickets allocated on the British Tennis Website. Winners will be automatically contacted by the LTA with details of how to pay for and receive their tickets. A list of the lucky members will be up in the clubhouse soon.

Have a great day.

Andy Carter
Hon Sec

Added: 6th May 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Tournament Draw

The draw for this years annual tournament are now up in the club house.

If you are in the men's singles you are likely to have to play before 18th May!!

Good luck everyone.

The Tournament Committee 

Added: 6th May 2014.   Author: steve.hollings@hazlemeretennis.net

Club security

Dear all,

If you are the last person leaving the club, please remember to lower the nets, return any club equipment to the clubhouse and leave the clubhouse, courts and gate locked behind you.

Many thanks.

Andy Carter
Hon sec.

Added: 29th April 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Club Tournament 2014 - Final Reminder

Tomorrow is the last day to enter in this year's club tournament. 

Please put your name on the sign-up sheet in the clubhouse if you want to compete. 

Added: 29th April 2014.   Author: steve.ellis@hazlemeretennis.net

Club Tournament 2014

Don't forget to enter this year's tournament. The sign-up sheets will remain pinned up in the clubhouse until the 30th, so that's only 4 days left!

Added: 26th April 2014.   Author: kevin.mills@hazlemeretennis.net

Membership due for April 2014/15

Hi all

Just a gentle reminder to those that have not rejoined yet.  The opportunity of the discount for existing members runs out on 1st May so please do get your cheques into me as soon as you can!

Many thanks

Sue Rozelaar
Membership Secretary

Added: 23rd April 2014.   Author: membershipsecretary@hazlemeretennis.net

Club Tournament 2014

Sign-up now for this year's tournament.

The sign-up sheets for this year's tournament will be posted in the clubhouse from today until the 30th April, with the draw taking place on 2nd May. As with previous years we will endeavour to run plate competitions along side each of the categories, this will however be dependant on there being sufficient entrants in each of the the main events.

Attached is a copy of this year's rules.

If you are keen to play in a doubles event but haven't a partner please do not let this put you off. Just add your name to the sign-up sheet and we will do our best to pair you up. Also if you do wish to enter and are unable to get to the clubhouse by the 30th please get in touch with a member of the competition committee (contact details included in the attached rules).

Good luck to all competitors and let the games commence.

Added: 18th April 2014.   Author: kevin.mills@hazlemeretennis.net

Tennis Club Walk - Friday 18th April

Tennis Club Walk - Friday, 18 April at 10.30am ready for a 10.45am start.

We have to give final numbers and menu choices to Wycombe Heights on Friday. If you haven't already done so, please enter your choices on the list in the clubhouse.  2 courses £13.95 and 1 course £8.95, children half price.

If it's raining on the day and you prefer not to walk please let Jenny (07443003578), Iris (07906114760) or Sue Roz (07872344590) know and meet at the golf club at 1.45pm ready for lunch at 2pm.

Ideally we would like to collect the money beforehand but if we are unable to do so, I'm sure you will appreciate that once lunches are booked this weekend they will need to be paid for on the day in any event.

We look forward to seeing you all for a leisurely walk.  Some of the footpaths are still very muddy and you may find that wellies may be more appropriate.

Jenny, Iris and Sue

Added: 13th April 2014.   Author: membershipsecretary@hazlemeretennis.net

Cardio Tennis Cancelled

Cardio Tennis is cancelled tonight and is then not running for the following two weeks due to the Easter break. Cardio Tennis will resume on 28th April!

We hope you all have a great holiday!

Added: 7th April 2014.   Author: guy.britton@hazlemeretennis.net

Don Day

Dear member,

As many of you will already know, one of our keenest social tennis players, Don Day, sadly passed away recently after losing his battle with prostate cancer. I know his cheerful presence on court will be greatly missed.

If you would like to pay your last respects, Don's funeral will take place at 2pm on Friday 4th April at Hughenden Church and afterwards at the Church Hall. To help with the planning, could you please contact Don's widow (Mary) on 01494 563417 if you are intending to attend the wake at the hall. 

Family flowers only please.

I have sent a card expressing our condolences to Mary, on behalf of the club.

Andy Carter
Hon Sec.

Added: 27th March 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

New Score Posts!

Showcourt Productions, Jeff Rozelaar’s amateur dramatic group, has generously donated some money to the Tennis Club and this has been used to purchase some Score Posts, which can be used during matches & tournaments, so that players and spectators can see the match score. 

Support posts have been fixed to all 5 net posts & the Score Posts simply slot onto them. The Score Posts will be kept in the Store Cupboard and can be used when needed, but members are requested to return them to the Store after use.

Added: 23rd March 2014.   Author: webmaster@hazlemeretennis.net

Do you have old pictures of Hazlemere Tennis Club?

We are currently trying to identify the location of the photo album containing old pictures of Hazlemere Tennis Club members and events . If you have this, please would you let Anita or Gordon Reed know? Thank you very much.

Added: 19th March 2014.   Author: webmaster@hazlemeretennis.net

2014/15 season about to begin!

Here we are again, another subscription year almost over and the 2014/15 season about to begin!
I hope you have all had a great year and that you are enjoying playing on our wonderful new courts.
Subscriptions are due on 1st April 2014  and so I have attached an application form for you to complete and return to me please. If anyone does not have access to a printer then please let me know and I can take a printed version to the clubhouse for you.
Don't forget that in order for existing members to receive 10% discount you must return the form and cheque to me by 1st May latest.  
Get those cheque books out and sign up for yet another year of great tennis and social events!
Best wishes, 
Sue Rozelaar
Membership Secretary

Added: 9th March 2014.   Author: membershipsecretary@hazlemeretennis.net

Upcoming Social Events

We have put together a great variety of social events for all members.  The first few events are a quiz evening on Friday April 11th, a walk on Good Friday 18th April and a bowls and supper on Friday 2nd May.  Please do put your names down on the lists now up in the clubhouse and join us for some great fun times together. Full list of upcoming events is attached.
We are also having a mixed social tennis evening on Thursday 3rd April at 7pm.  Please do come and join us , notice is up in the clubhouse. 
Please contact Sue Rozelaar on 01494 714391/07872 344590 if you want any more information on any of the above events.
Look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!

Added: 9th March 2014.   Author: membershipsecretary@hazlemeretennis.net

Tennis Club Walk

Good Friday - 18 April 2014
Come and Join us for a 4/5 mile walk around Penn and Wycombe Heights Golf Club.  Followed by lunch at the Golf Club
Family and friends not walking welcome to join us for lunch
Meet at Wycombe Heights, Rayners Avenue, Loudwater at 10.30am
Put your name up on the list in the clubhouse with your menu choice.
2 courses:  £13.95 or 1 course £8.95

Added: 9th March 2014.   Author: webmaster@hazlemeretennis.net

Rusty Racquets starts on the 20th March

Rusty Racquets starts on the 20th March and costs £30 for 5 sessions.

For more details, contact Guy Britton - info@luvtennis.net

Added: 7th March 2014.   Author: guy.britton@hazlemeretennis.net

LTA Tennis Leaders Course @ Halton - 23rd March

LTA Tennis Leaders is aimed at 13 years plus and the content is suitable for older juniors just starting out on the tennis career pathway through to adult volunteers looking to support their local coach, referee or club official.  The purpose of the course is to provide some basic training around communication and organization within tennis.  
This basic training enables people of all ages and skill sets to support the coach and committee with the day to day running of the tennis venue and tennis programme.  Young leaders often see the course as the first step on the career ladder, gaining valuable skills that can be transferred into other industries.  Adults who enjoy volunteering see it as a way of getting some informal training around organising competition or taking a role on the committee.
To find out more and to apply, please see the attached.

Added: 28th February 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Leaders Courses @ Stony Stratford Tennis Club

During half-term, John Cavill will be running a tennis leaders course at Stony Stratford Tennis Club which is for all aged 13 and above. For more information or to sign up, please click go to www.tennisworks.net/leaders.

Added: 18th February 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Cardio Tennis TONIGHT!

Quick reminder that Cardio Tennis is on tonight at 7pm.

Added: 17th February 2014.   Author: guy.britton@hazlemeretennis.net

Wimbledon Tickets

The Bucks County Association is offering a limited number of tickets for Wimbledon to be drawn by ballot. Please see the attached for more details.

Added: 10th February 2014.   Author: andy.carter@hazlemeretennis.net

Court upkeep

Now that we have been using the new courts for a few months the following is a reminder of how we should best look after them;

After use the courts need to be dragged, to remove scuffed up sand & to help redistribute the loose sand over the surface. This should help to reduce long term maintenance as well. The lines need to be swept if they look faint.

Where the surface has a lot of leaves on it the green drag mat should be used as this collects the leaves & debris quite efficiently. This debris should then be deposited, ideally in one of the 4 buckets, or at least at the perimeter kerb.

There are 6 drag mats so these should be left against the kerb, between the courts, not right at the end of courts 1 & 5, & preferably 3 each side of the net. This makes it easier for the next users.

The red drag mats have unfortunately started to disintegrate & we are endeavouring to get the contractor to replace these with a different type.

We are also looking at the possibility of getting some foot brushes to put at the court exits, but most of the sand will come off if you stamp your shoes on the carpet as you exit. This maintenance should be easier in the spring & summer, when the surface is drier!

Thank you for your co-operation & enjoy your tennis!

Added: 20th January 2014.   Author: kevin.mills@hazlemeretennis.net

Clubhouse Key Damage


Can all members take extra care to remove the key from the door when unlocking the Clubhouse? During the past week two keys have been damaged by the door swinging in the wind and banging against the balustrade. Gordon is arranging for a doorstop to be installed to prevent further occurances.

Many thanks

Steve Ellis

Added: 4th January 2014.   Author: steve.hollings@hazlemeretennis.net

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